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Health Insurance

For whom is this information important?

Dutch residents who do not qualify for health insurance because they do not receive income from the Netherlands or an EU country. This is the case if you have an income from a contract with a foreign employer, for example in the USA.

Collective MultiSure Abroad Health Insurance

Especially for an insured with a foreign income we developed, in collaboration with CZ, the Collective MultiSure Abroad Health Insurance. Of course we will be at your service in respect of this Health Insurance.

Below you will find the application form and declaration of health. After filling out and undersigning by new insured’s, to send to our office. To insure the costs of dentistry, with the Comprehensive Dentist Collective, you do need a dental statement. This form will automatically be sent upon receipt of your application request by CZ.
Furthermore you will find below a table of benefits, which indicates the differences concerning the various supplementary insurances.

Note: Unfortunately the information is only available in Dutch.

Communication about your health insurance in general

We advise you to report notifications concerning changes, which affect your policy coverage, exclusively through our office. About direct contact between you and CZ we will usually not be informed by CZ.

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