About Multisure

We focus on individual and collective insurances for ship's crew and other maritime occupations. Aditionally we insure people in the maritime industry who are living and/or working abroad and are therefore ineligible for Dutch social security benefits.

Our story

Insuring is all about offsetting risks. An accident is a terrible thing - especially when you are far from home - but you don’t want to dwell on the possibility. Multisure, specialised in income protection insurances in the maritime industry, understands that.

Security is not only in the numbers. At MultiSure we don’t focus on KPIs or squeezing the most money out of a situation. Our goal is with you as a person. We make sure that you or your employee can get back to work as soon as possible after a casualty. This way you can have the confidence that everything is taken care of, even when you are at sea for weeks.

We like solutions that are not fixated on processes, but on goals. Your situation is the driving force, rather than a framed procedure. With our expert knowledge of the maritime industry and our own medical network, we are ready to help you where and when you need us.

It’s not customers we are looking for, but partners. People that share our focus on life, choosing a long lasting partnership over a quick profit. We’re looking for a relationship with our clients based on trust. Because we believe in you as a person.

Sure enough.

Our crew

Jan Niemeijer

Managing Director

Jan made his start with us in 2007 as an account manager. Since 2014 he is the director. He takes care of general management, claims processing and mainting relationships with our customers and insurers.

Eline Niemeijer

Account Executive

Eline has been working with us since 2014. She takes care of claims processing, claims administration and processing various ship's crew insurances.

Marijke Westdijk

Account Executive

Marijke has been working with us from August 2023. She takes care for, among other things, the administration and secretarial support. But also claims administration and support in processing of the various crew insurance policies.

Working together

Our staff work together with you to make sure you get the best possible service. We have personal contact with you and build relationships based on mutual trust.

Together with our team of knowledgeable professionals you’ll determine what your risks are and what coverage suits you best. We’ll find out what risk carriers will insure your risks with the most favorable conditions.

We’re there for you even after you’ve taken out a policy. Circumstances can change, so we like to stay in touch and see if your current policy still matches your situation.

Proactive in case of disability

When a casualty happens, we are right there. Are you becoming unfit to work because of an accident or illness? You can notify us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have our own international network of doctors and medical advisors. These specialists know the maritime industry, and know exactly how they can best help you. Additionally, the medical advisors know the rules of the country they work in. This is how we make sure you get the best possible care.

This local absence control system is put into place in countries where most maritime crew comes from. Examples are the Philippines, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Romania and the Netherlands. Thanks to this network, you can receive immediate care in case of an accident or sickness. We work together closely with local employment agencies to save you a lot of work and stress.

Comparison card

Comparing different financial products is a difficult process. The comparison card aims to make this easier and you know exactly what to expect from us.


In our line of work, we deal with lots of sensitive information about our customers. We take great precautions to make sure that your data stays secure. We have two documents explaining our privacy policy to you.

The privacy map summarizes how we handle personal data. You’ll find a more thorough explanation in our privacy statement.

Service overview

In our service overview we describe the services we provide. This tells you exactly what you can expect from us. You’ll also find information about filing complaints in case you are not satisfied with our services.


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