Disability insurance

It could happen that an employee can no longer work due to illness or accident. As an employer you do have commitments or obligations to your employee. For instance, because the dutch social security system doesn’t apply in case of a foreign employment contract, or because your employees are not entitled to social worker insurance. Disability insurance allows you to offer your employees additional financial security.

Curious about the premiums? We're happy to calculate your premium.

Temporary disability insurance

The temporary disability insurance offers financial security during the first year of incapacity. With this insurance, 80% of the employee’s income can be insured.

The premium depends on factors like the waiting period and the income. Do you want to know what the temporary disability insurance will cost you? Give us a call or send an email. We’d love to discuss the possibilities with you and are happy to calculate the premium.

Long-term disability insurance

Is your employee still unable to work after a year? The long-term disability insurance is a continuation of the temporary disability insurance.

The maximum term age on the policy is 67 years. You can opt for an increasing benefit to compensate for inflation.

Do you want to offer your employees extra security? We can put together an insurance package for you and send you the information and a calculation of the premiums. No strings attached.